A Sweet Stay in San Francisco

Hi San Francisco! We are so happy to be back in one of the most bustling cities in North America, this time with Visit California. Finding a place to stay in San Francisco is always tough - we're lucky that we have really nice friends here that in the past hve let us basically take over their apartments while we're in town. As far as hotels go, we stayed at The Zephyr Hotel and it was pretty cool! Definitely one of the most hip places to stay in San Francisco. Don't forget - we have our Oakland City Guide too!


Where to Stay in San Francisco

The Zephyr Hotel takes up an entire city block (!!!) and we love all the spacious outdoor areas, which is pretty rare for San Francisco. Outside games, There's an amazing outdoor fireplace area that's perfect to hang out in at nighttime, and the mini-trailer is a new bar that will be opening up soon!

Best Dessert in San Francisco

After checking in to the Zephyr Hotel, we went for an afternoon bit at Tout Sweet Patisserie by Yigit Pura. You may remember him from Top Chef: Just Desserts, which he won! The shop is in Macy's at Union Square, which doesn't sound super "local," we know, but it's totally worth checking out if you love anything sweet. There's a lot of variety for gluten-free desserts too, and the macarons were soooo good. You also get a gorgeous view of San Francisco too! Totally Instagram-worthy.

Back at the hotel, we checked out more of the eclectic grounds. Zephyr Hotel is full of pop art everywhere you look, and we love the hint of a nautical theme everywhere. There's even a statue of Academy Award Winner 😉 Leonardo DiCaprio in the foyer that is freakishly life like. If that doesn't seal the deal for you on booking this place to stay, not sure what will. 

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