A Sunny Stroll along Valencia Street in the Mission, San Francisco

One of our favorite things to do in San Francisco on a sunny day is just stroll through The Mission, wandering in and out of local shops, grabbing some food and coffee, and then heading over to Dolores Park for a little nap. Here's a little peek at what that looks like! 

Shopping on Valencia Street

We recently discovered Taylor Stitch and quickly fell in love. This is classic San Francisco style, from the wood to the California flag and all the snapbacks in between. You'll notice that the guys in SF are very well dressed, basically living in a uniform of things you would find at Taylor Stitch. Their flagship store in the Mission is only menswear, but they have also have women's online. If you're looking for the perfect fitted button-down, you have to stop in here. 

Eating outside is one of the amazing benefits of living in/visiting California, so we take advantage of it every chance we get. Curry Up Now is a chill place that we stop in at while visiting - think yummy, Indian comfort food that you'd expect from a cool food truck, but on a patio instead (they have food trucks too). And because you're in the Mission, of course there's Indian burritos too. The Mission is an eclectic Mexican neighborhood that is full of the best burritos on earth...it really needs it's own post.

And of course, we had to get coffee. Four Barrel Coffee is one of our favorites, even though there's so much to choose from in San Francisco, and their spot in the Mission is a must-visit. Come with a friend, sit outside or inside, and just soak up all that San Francisco has to offer, because you will get a solid "vibe" of the city here.