Texas Hill Country

Surrounding the city of Austin is a region full of rolling green hills, fields of wildflowers, and rows of vineyards. We always love to take day trips from cities, and went out to explore the famous wineries of Texas Hill Country. Yes, Texan wine! We had no idea that there was even a wine region in Texas, let alone a top wine destination in the world, so this was a surprising adventure for us!  We took Fredericksburg Wine Road 290, which has 15 wineries all on wine road. The perfect road trip, right? Then again, maybe it's better to take the shuttle on this one...

Pedernales Cellars is an award-winning and family-run winery in Hill Country that's situated on gorgeous, green grounds. There's a huge, open veranda that's perfect for sipping on a tempranillo (the official red grape of Texas) and listening to some live music with friends. Speaking of friends, joining us on our wonderful, wine-filled day was fellow travelers Kirsten Alana and Christine Amorose from C'est Christine.

Four Point Cellars is a modern take on a tasting room, as it's a collaboration between three wineries. Located away from Wine Road 290, three Texan wineries came together to create a shared space and gain exposure along the route. But it doesn't stop there, because what goes beset with wine? Cheese. All the cheese. 

Veldhuizen Cheese also has a spot at the tasting table, and all their cheeses are local and Texan and oh so good. We love the concept of creating community here between the farmers and vineyards, it doesn't get much more local than that! Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars also create a special batch together under the 4.0 Cellars label, which is only available at the tasting room.

Becker Vineyards looks more like traditional winery, with a huge castle-like building and fields full of lavender. We were there during Lavender Festival, which was an added bonus! This is definitely the spot to gather with a group of friends and lay out your packed picnic on the grass. Add a glass or three and you're in for a pretty amazing afternoon. Our favourite part of the tasting was the very end - they paired liquid centre chocolates (remember those?) with a port and it was mind-blowing! The perfect way to end a wonderful day of wine, wine, wine.

This post is a partnership with Texas Tourism, and our Austin City Guide is coming next week! OMG.

Wine & Wildflowers in Fredericksburg, Texas

A post about Texas? That's right, after years of wanting to visit the Lone Star state, we finally made it to Austin. We are super excited to share our full city guide with you guys next week, but in the meantime we have all of Texas Hill Country to cover! When our plane touched down in the Lone Star state, we were honestly shocked at how green everything was! We took a day trip out to Fredericksburg, which is about an hour away from Austin, and drove past rolling green hills, wildflowers, and experienced that famous small town Texas charm. 

Fredericksburg, Texas is the town at the heart of Texas Hill Country, and it's surrounded by wineries and vineyards, but more on that in our next post. Main Street is a quaint and gorgeous stretch of local boutiques, bars, and restaurants, like the irresistible Vaudeville. The upstairs is a jaw-dropping general store, and the downstairs is a delicious and healthy eatery. We're talking "vegan food that's built for Texans," as one salad on the menu read. It's a must-see spot to sip on a local brew and cool off in the cellar during those Texan summers! Also, their Reuben sandwich is pretty outrageous.

Fun history fact: Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants, so there's a lot of cool Bavarian influences around town.

Quintessential Chocolates is probably the most unique shop in Fredericksburg, and it's not just because the chocolate is delicious. They make the only liquid-centre chocolates in America, using a traditional French method. We'd try to explain it but you should probably just visit yourself and try one! Basically, you suck on the entire chocolate and enjoy the flavour until the sugar casing collapses, and then your mouth is full of chocolate-flavoured alcohol! It's pretty amazing.

April and May is peak wildflower season in Texas Hill Country, and we had so much fun wandering through poppy fields and enjoying the drive along a floral-decorated highway. The wonderful wildflowers are a result of Lady Bird Johnson's determination to beautify America's highways and public areas, which used to be full of garbage and billboards. We also took a stop at Wild Seed Farms, where the poppies grow each year on their own - no seeds needed! As Lady Bird said, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

This post is a partnership with Texas Tourism, but they let us get as "local' as we wanted.

The Unique Space, LA

Continuing in our obsession with LA, here's one of the coolest spots in the city that you might not know about unless you lived here! We love creatives, and tech, and bright colours, and female entrepreneurs...so naturally we fell in l-o-v-e with The Unique Space. Located in DTLA's Arts District (check out our guide here!), it's a gorgeous co-working / event space that's filled with people working to make their dreams come true. Bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, makers, doers...the list goes on. 

The Unique Space was started by Sonja Rasula, one of the culture connectors of LA. She started Unique USA in 2008, which is a huge shopping event that features made-in-America products from local artisans and makers. Amazing, right? But she didn't stop there, and she also created CAMP, which is like a super-fun version of a business conference that takes place at, you guessed it, summer camp. Needless to say, Sonja is a must-follow for keeping up with everything that's happening in the creative world of LA. 

The downstairs of the building is equally gorgeous, and home to some of the coolest events in LA. It's amazing to see a space really become the creative hub of a city! Can we just live here already? 

Plus, the bathroom is pretty much perfect for selfies ;) 

Thanks for reading! If you know other creatives in LA that we need to follow, leave us a comment! Peace ✌️