STAG and VNYL, Los Angeles

By now, you must all be familiar with our LA obsession, because it is oh-so-real. We're not only obsessed with the east side though - in fact, we usually stay on the west side. The area around Venice is equally as hip as the Downtown Arts District (just, in a different way), and with the sand, surf, and Snapchat headquarters, why wouldn't you want to pay a visit to Venice Beach? Here's a sneak peek of two of our fave shops along Abbott Kinney Blvd. We can't wait to give you guys a Venice neighborhood guide! 

Stag Provisions is an awesome men's boutique that is bright and full of wooden furnishings and everything you need to add a little texture to your wardrobe. It's the brother store to the Stag in Austin that we originally loved, except this one is larger. The guys are all so friendly, and the best part? You get a nice cold beer while you shop. Excuse us while we stay here all day...

When old meets new in a fun way, you've found yourself at VNYL. Yes, it's a record shop, but it's the most modern and funky record shop you've seen. There's six listening stations so you can bop, pop, and groove to your fave tunes by yourself.

The best part? You don't have to visit LA to get a cool record experience. With the VNYL membership, you can get 3 new records every month for $36, each of them hand-selected and chosen for you based on your social media profiles and  the "vibe" you choose that month - like "netflix and chill," "rainy day," or "funk outta here." 

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Rockin' the Red Rocks

Today's adventure is a bit of a throwback, but we figured we would share it since we've been talking about all things Vegas lately! 

We had this idea to go to the desert. We didn’t know what that would mean or where it would see us going, but we just knew we had to go. After booking a one way ticket to Vegas, two weeks later we still didn’t know what we were doing, where we were staying, or how we would get around the desert. Enter Jessiah, our friend that we met in Portland and later, a member of the road trip family. Always down for adventure, he loaded up Lucy the Tacoma and met us in Vegas for a 10 day trip where our only plan was “no plan.”

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find a desert landscape when you’re in the desert. 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon, which has a lot of, well, red rocks. Not that you can see them here, because we quickly abandoned our “hike” for the AC of our truck and the 13 mile scenic drive. It was June! We were melting!! 

Red Rock Canyon is popular with cyclists, hikers, and rock climbers in the winter, but otherwise empty during summer. We understand why, it’s scorching - but so beautiful. Pro tip: don't try to have an In 'n Out picnic in 100+ degree weather (what were we thinking??).

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The Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

The first thing we do when we arrive in a new city is scope out the coffee scene. We always feel at home as soon as we've found our new favorite coffee shop, but to be honest we were a little skeptical of what we would find in Vegas! The good news is that there's actually amazing coffee programs here, and here's a list of the best coffee shops in Las Vegas. 

Mothership Coffee Roasters is a local micro-roastery located in the "real life" part of Vegas,  known as Henderson, NV. Instead of the glitz of the strip, the shop is located in a strip mall, and they're one of the only roasters in town. Try their ntirogen cold brew or farm-to-table pastries! 

Located in Vegas' new Arts District, Makers & Finders is a bright and beautiful spot with amazing coffee. They have 7 brewing methods and 5 different single-origin beans on hand, so they know what's up. Bonus: the iced almond milk chai latte is a real winner, it tastes like cake in cup.  Come in with friends for lunch and the Latin comfort food will make you want to stay a while! 

If you go one place in Vegas, make it PublicUs. The coffee program is so rad, featuring "cocktails" like an Espresso Old Fashioned. Plus, the man behind the menu is Cole McBride, one of the most competitive baristas in North America. Try a charcuterie plate, enjoy a craft beer, or get some work done with the best wifi in town. 

Last but not least is Sunrise Coffee, Vegas' first micro-roastery and parent to Mothership Coffee, and it's a warm and inviting neighborhood coffee shop. The food is healthy, affordable, and there's tons of gluten-free and vegetarian options - try the famous Alien burrito!