Bright and delightful places, hand-picked by Elaine + Taylor.

We want to make it easier for you to discover beautiful and local places when you're travelling. Our travel blog and city guides connect you with spots that are part of a community, so you can make new friends and try new things. We visit every single place ourselves and we only recommend things we enjoy doing. Localism, not tourism - it's kind of our thing. 


We were bored of seeing our friends all have the same experiences in the same cities, and we were frustrated with having to spend hours researching places and making lists of recommendations from blogs, Instagram, Foursquare, and Yelp. 

Basically, we just wanted a directory of awesome and pretty places to visit that was curated by someone we trusted (like a human, not a robot). We couldn't find anything that fit, so we decided to make it ourselves!


Local Wanderer was created in January 2014 when we quit our jobs, jumped in a car, and set out to discover the west coast without using Google Maps. We'll probably never forego maps again. We created an Instagram account to share the local people and places we encountered along the way, which quickly grew from 0 to 28,000+ followers in the first six weeks we spent on the road. 

Contact: thelocalwanderer @ gmail dot com