A Night Out with the Vancouver Canucks!

There's one thing Canadians are known for more than anything else: hockey. It's kind of like football in America, even if you don't love it, you're certainly aware of it. And come Superbowl (or Stanley Cup) time, everyone's jumped on the bandwagon. Vancouver is pretty intense about it's hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks, so grabbing tickets to a game is definitely an awesome (and fun!) way to get the local 'Canuck' experience. 

We go to a Canucks game about once a year, but this time we had the super fun experience of doing a Snapchat takeover on the Canucks account! (You can follow us at "localwanderer" and them at "vancanucks"). We also got to check out some behind-the-scenes action down in the locker rooms. It was so cool and eerie to see Rogers Arena completely empty! 

Then it was time for the game! The boys came out on ice for warm up and the stadium started filling up with people decked out in blue and white. If you want some good "shots" before the game, walk down to the glass during warm-up for some awesome photo opps. 

The food and drink game at Rogers Arena has come a long way since the hot dog days of our youth. Near section 122 is this awesome area full of bars (yes, you can get a gin and tonic at the hockey game), tons of local craft beer, and a decent wine selection. There was even gluten-free beer to make the experience complete for everyone (including Elaine). And yes, there's still hot dogs...but they are tricked-out, delicious hot dogs with tons of creative flavors. Taylor went a little nuts.

All in all, the game was a ton of fun, and if you're visiting Canada, you don't want to miss out on this quintessential Canadian experience! Even if they lose, it's still a super fun time to sit back, have a drink, and get pumped cheering for the local Canucks.

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