A Modern Wine Escape in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

Helloooo....Mexico! Yes, you read that right: Mexico. Did you know that Mexico has a wine country, and that it's only about an hour and a half from San Diego? That's right. Here's what you need to know about Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California! 

We headed down across the border over New Year's, but we definitely don't recommend going to Valle de Guadalup then! Wait and go in-season (which is coming up!), and don't go in the off-season (aka winter). Some of the wineries we went to were closed, and some weren't serving food, so it was a bit of a mishap. The good news though? You can just walk across the border into Tijuana and grab an Uber for the day and it's totally affordable (like, under $80 USD for a SUV that fits 7 people kind of affordable). Deets on the uberValle program here.  

Experiencing Valle de Guadalupe

Our go-to in Valle de Guadalupe is Encuentro Guadalupe. We first visited about a year ago when our blog was just starting, and it's still as gorgeous as ever! The tasting room is part of an "eco-hotel" that has modern yurt-like rooms nestled along a hill, overlooking the rolling greenery of the valley. Not pictured? The infinity pool behind it all. We love the bright and modern tasting room, and the view is stellar. There's a variety of wines available, so grab a bottle with friends and enjoy the Mexican sunshine in Valle de Guadalup!

If you don't want to head down on your own, Coast to Costa runs a fun "Baja Weekender" group trip from LA to Valle de Guadalupe. Check them out here