Sunset at Cuatro Cuatros in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

How amazing is this view?! After a bit of a frantic day running around the back roads of Mexican wine country, we were soooo happy to make it to Cuatro Cuatros in Valle de Guadalupe for an incredible sunset (and wine!). We went on our own, but we highly recommend checking out the Coast to Costa trips that run from LA to Valle de Guadalupe instead - you get to stay overnight here in cabanas!

The "tasting room" at Cuatro Cuatros is an open space that overlooks the ocean, and you sit on haystacks while you sip on some wine. The vibe is super relaxed and friendly, and it's great for both couples and large groups! 

Because we went in the off season, none of the places we'd visited had been serving food, so by the time we made it here we were sooooo hungry. Luckily for us they were serving amazing, amazing ceviche that was the freshest seafood we've ever tasted. It's seriously amazing. 

In addition to a really cool place to take in the sunset, they also have a rad vintage car on site. What more could you need in Mexico?

Oh, and definitely go to the washroom. You've never peed in a prettier place, believe me...