A Golden Day at Yosemite

The thing about treasures is that they hold a special place in your heart, and what's unique about Yosemite is that it is treasured by so many. If you've visited the national park, you know what we're talking about! And if you haven't, well...you'll see what we mean! We took our second trip to Yosemite on the most beautiful fall weekend, right before the snowfall. 

We were joined by our best bud Jesse Morrow, new friend Haley, and Yosemite local Trev Lee. Yes, Trev lives in Yosemite! Both Jesse and Trev have joined us on multiple road trips before, whether it's wine tasting in Sonoma or that time our car ran out of gas at 1am in the middle-of-nowhere Ohio. It was fun to all be together again, and it helped that Trev knew where he was going too.

We took in golden hour and a beautiful sunset at Glacier Point Viewpoint, which is a little bit away from the busier (and more touristy) view point. And yes, that's Trev jumping on the cliff...

...and swinging from the trees!

Trev surprised us with a few of the hikes we went on, and we climbed a bit until we found this gem (editor's note: this is insane, don't try this at home, or on your own). 

This, dear friends, is a rope swing wayyy, wayyy up there, which you are then supposed to use to swing off El Capitan. Gulp. 

Photo by: Trev Lee

Photo by: Trev Lee

Have you ever wondered where the locals in Yosemite live? Look no further than these cool tents. Trev lived here his first couple years in Yosemite, and we loved getting a behind-the-scenes look at the community of people who get to stay here every day.

All in all, it was a pretty magical weekend and we can't wait until we get to bring you more of Yosemite. What do you want to know? Let us know in the comments!