Finding Inspiration at Book/Shop in Oakland

We have a deep love for creative bookstores, and Book/Shop in Oakland's hip Temescal Alley certainly fits the bill. When you walk in, not only are you visually stimulated by the bright and delightful decor, you'll also find that you can't stop staring at...everything. 

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Book/Shop has a curated selection of 80 books on rotation, with some vintage books and rare editions too! We love this concept, as it introduces you to new authors and genres you wouldn't otherwise find.

This space will not only leave you inspired to finally start that novel you've always wanted to write, but will also have you wanting to dust off your bookshelves for a little re-organizing. We love how Book/Shop displays books as art, and the reading-themed prints are oh-so-cool too. 

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Heading to New York? Good news: there's a Book/Shop location there too.