Rockin' the Red Rocks

Today's adventure is a bit of a throwback, but we figured we would share it since we've been talking about all things Vegas lately! 

We had this idea to go to the desert. We didn’t know what that would mean or where it would see us going, but we just knew we had to go. After booking a one way ticket to Vegas, two weeks later we still didn’t know what we were doing, where we were staying, or how we would get around the desert. Enter Jessiah, our friend that we met in Portland and later, a member of the road trip family. Always down for adventure, he loaded up Lucy the Tacoma and met us in Vegas for a 10 day trip where our only plan was “no plan.”

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find a desert landscape when you’re in the desert. 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon, which has a lot of, well, red rocks. Not that you can see them here, because we quickly abandoned our “hike” for the AC of our truck and the 13 mile scenic drive. It was June! We were melting!! 

Red Rock Canyon is popular with cyclists, hikers, and rock climbers in the winter, but otherwise empty during summer. We understand why, it’s scorching - but so beautiful. Pro tip: don't try to have an In 'n Out picnic in 100+ degree weather (what were we thinking??).

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