STAG and VNYL, Los Angeles

By now, you must all be familiar with our LA obsession, because it is oh-so-real. We're not only obsessed with the east side though - in fact, we usually stay on the west side. The area around Venice is equally as hip as the Downtown Arts District (just, in a different way), and with the sand, surf, and Snapchat headquarters, why wouldn't you want to pay a visit to Venice Beach? Here's a sneak peek of two of our fave shops along Abbott Kinney Blvd. We can't wait to give you guys a Venice neighborhood guide! 

Stag Provisions is an awesome men's boutique that is bright and full of wooden furnishings and everything you need to add a little texture to your wardrobe. It's the brother store to the Stag in Austin that we originally loved, except this one is larger. The guys are all so friendly, and the best part? You get a nice cold beer while you shop. Excuse us while we stay here all day...

When old meets new in a fun way, you've found yourself at VNYL. Yes, it's a record shop, but it's the most modern and funky record shop you've seen. There's six listening stations so you can bop, pop, and groove to your fave tunes by yourself.

The best part? You don't have to visit LA to get a cool record experience. With the VNYL membership, you can get 3 new records every month for $36, each of them hand-selected and chosen for you based on your social media profiles and  the "vibe" you choose that month - like "netflix and chill," "rainy day," or "funk outta here." 

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