Sleep in a Treehouse Hotel at Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island

Have you ever wanted to stay in a treehouse hotel? Who hasn't! We love finding unique place to stay when we travel, which is why we were so excited when Ford Canada asked us to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday by taking a road trip with the new CMAX 2017 to the Free Spirit Spheres on Vancouver Island! What better way to appreciate our home and native land than by sleeping up in the trees in an enchanted coastal rainforest? This was our first time in a treehouse hotel, but definitely not our last! 


Best Treehouse Hotel: Free Spirit Spheres 

Visiting Free Spirit Spheres was such an amazing time, and it's a really great place to genuinely connect with nature. All of the spheres, which are your rooms, are built within the trees, and if they ever needed to be removed they wouldn't leave a trace behind. That's their motto, to preserve nature, not change it. If you ever need assistance, there's a handy gong drum below that you can ring, and the little "mushroom" huts are the washrooms. Talk about a unique place to stay! 

This is definitely a glamping experience, as each sphere has it's own adorable shower building, so you can have cleanliness and privacy. Each sphere is built by hand, the green one below is currently being built, and you'll notice sail boat details inside each of the spheres. 

Inside Free Spirit Spheres, a Treehouse Hotel

We packed up our Away Bigger Carry-on for our trip, and it was so fun to walk along the bridges to our sphere. Stepping inside was literally like stepping into one of our dreams! It's so peaceful and definitely a great escape from the city. 

We had the best sleep in the spheres (it's hard not to). The bed is a pull out, and when you check in they show you how to arrange the sleeping quarters and make sure that you're super comfortable. We loved everyone who worked there, it was the best hospitality! The spheres are suspended in the trees, and so you feel the wind and movement while it rocks you to sleep.

In the morning, it was time for coffee so we set out a little spread on our private bridge and woke up with the birds singing. Truly the best day! Thanks to our bestie Lindsay (from Treasures & Travels) for coming along and helping snap some photos! 

What to Do on Vancouver Island:

After our stay at the treehouse hotel, we took the Ford CMAX 2017 out for a spin around Vancouver Island. We ended up driving to Comox, Cumberland and Courteney - you can see all our recommendations for central Vancouver Island in this post: The Best Breweries along BC's Ale Trail. We tried out the new taco shop, Biblio Taco, which was amazing!  Next was a quick stop at Cumberland Brewing to take home some yummy beer, and then we took the ferry back home to Vancouver. 

Thanks to Ford Canada for making all of our Canada 150 dreams come true! If you're looking for a unique, romantic, or peaceful place to stay in BC, definitely head to Free Spirit Spheres, which is probably the best treehouse hotel out there. Guess we'll have to try more to find out for sure ;) 

This post is in partnership with Ford Canada - thank you for supporting our partners that help us discover amazing places to share with you.