National Parks & Wildlife Adventures in Montana

Montana in the winter is an amazing winter wonderland full of pretty snow, wildlife, Rocky Mountains, and winter activities (it is home to the best nordic skiing trails in North America, after all). Here are three of our favorite nature and wildlife spots in the state to help you decide where to go in Montana and plan your epic road trip! 

Dog Sledding at Basecamp in Big Fork

This was the funnest experience! Less than 2 hours outside of Missoula is Bigfork Dog Sledding, where you get to have an authentic "mushing" experience with the cutest dogs! We were initially a little wary about dog sledding, but the dogs are treated so well and they are so excited to run around in the snow. The dogs live in their own outdoor homes where they can run around, and they are so friendly and funny. We took turns sitting on the sleigh and manning the foot brake, and it was just the best way to spend a morning in the snow! (Elaine fell off, but only once). 

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park was a beautiful, gorgeous drive. Most of the park is closed during this season, but there's nothing boring about driving around when you have almost the entire park to yourself with these views! 

There's over 700 miles of hiking trails, so if you're into hiking, this is the place to be. The docks and lakes would be a ton of fun during summer too! But for now, they were just perfectly still.

National Bison Range

Not too far outside of Missoula is the National Bison Range (how cool is that?), where you can take a drive through the wide roads and big skies of Montana. We saw a ton of bison from a distance, but learned that they are actually really dangerous! So be careful out there and listen to the rangers. Keep your eyes peeled for some bald eagles too! 

We came across this old train trellis just outside of the bison range and explored around it for a bit. How amazing are these mountain colors? The peace and serenity from exploring nature without a ton of tourists around is definitely a highlight of coming to Montana for a winter visit.

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