Coffee + Streetwear along Polk Street in San Francisco

Moving on to the other side of the Bay, we're excited to shed some light on Polk Street in San Francisco, where two of our fave spots are! Strike Movement is an awesome streetwear / athletic line hailing from our hometown of Vancouver, and Saint Frank Coffee is a bright and airy space with the friendliest, neighborhood baristas.

Strike Movement on Polk Street

Whether you're health goth or just healthy, it's never been a better time to be fit than now. Sweatshirts and sneakers are in, and we can't get enough. Strike Movement's new shop on Polk Street in San Francisco is filled with lightweight footwear, tees, and sweats to take you from the streets to the gym in no time. 

Where to Get Coffee on Polk Street

San Francisco is coffee city, and Saint Frank Coffee is up there on the list of the best. It's the perfect mix of a friendly, neighborhood coffee shop mixed with impeccable coffee and quality. So basically...a no-brainer when it comes to finding coffee on Polk Street!