Beach Camping on the Oregon Coast

When the rain comes, it's time to open the trunk and cuddle up! We set up "camp" along Cape Kiwanda Beach, which is a long, gorgeous, sandy beach that you can drive on! Yup, it's legal. What isn't legal though, is camping on the beach. But if you stay up all night by the fire and don't actually sleep, it's not really camping, right? ;) 

We invited a bunch of our friends from Portland out to the Oregon Coast, which is about a 2 hour drive away, and just hung out in the beautiful sunshine...until it got cold.

Photo by Shayd Johnson

Photo by Shayd Johnson

Once the night rolled in, it was time to cozy up by the fire with some whiskey, hot dogs, and tons of quality friend time. Thanks to our fire maker extraordinaire Shayd, and some friendly firewood neighbours, we were good to go all night. 

It was pretttttty cold and wet though, so we recommend staying in one of the nearby yurts instead! You can see more of Cape Kiwanda here. 

Thanks for reading! We were provided our Range Rover Sport free of charge from Land Rover.