Local Wanderer Launches the Instagram Guide to Vancouver

March 5, 2015

A Vancouver company has a new way of showcasing tourism hot spots.

Local Wanderer has a new website with hip, local city guides for millennials. Based on their popular Instagram account, Local Wanderer’s guide to Vancouver features 50 of the coolest and most creative places in the city -- and they’re all Instagram-worthy!

After amassing a large following on Instagram when they drove from Vancouver to Mexico without using Google Maps, Local Wanderer spent the last year travelling around North America and sharing their favourite places with their nearly 50,000 followers on social media.

Now, Local Wanderer wants to make it easier for everyone to discover beautiful and independent places when travelling, so you can save time researching, meet new friends, and have a real local experience.

"Every tourist guide always has the same 9-10 places: the Seawall, Kits Beach, Queen Elizabeth Park," says co-founder Taylor Loren. "But younger travellers want a different experience, and Local Wanderer gives them a curated, visual guide that will appeal to them."

In fact, Local Wanderer’s guide doesn’t even feature the downtown core of Vancouver. Instead, they focus on finding the local hot spots in up-and-coming neighbourhoods like Railtown and Chinatown, along with Mt. Pleasant, Gastown, and Commercial Drive.

From the selfies to the Snapchats, Millennials are taking more and more photos when travelling and sharing their tourism experiences through social media and on Instagram. They care about the aesthetic of a bar or restaurant just as much as the menu, and Local Wanderer’s visual-based guide is a beautiful way to meet their needs - instead of a ratings or algorithm site.

“While we were on the road, we got really frustrated with having to spend hours and hours researching just to find some cool, local spots. We’d be looking up places on blogs, Instagram, Foursquare, and Yelp, and then compiling them all onto different lists, and we were just wasting so much time,” added Loren.

“Basically, we just wanted a directory of awesome and pretty places to visit that was put together by someone we trusted instead of an algorithm. We couldn't find anything that fit, so we decided to make it ourselves!” adds co-founder Elaine Rystead.

Local Wanderer’s curated city guides connect you with spots that locals actually visit and places that are part of a community, so you can make new friends in the cities you visit and try new things! Every single place is hand-picked by Taylor and Elaine and they only recommend things they actually like doing, so you can trust their recommendations. Localism, not tourism - it’s kind of their thing.

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