A Sunny Weekend Brunch at The Flying Pig, Vancouver

Vancouver has been pretty grey and rainy lately, so we are soaking up every bit of sunshine we can! This past weekend was gorgeous, and we went for a little walk to brunch in Olympic Village with our bestie Lindsay (from Treasures and Travels). The Flying Pig is a Vancouver favorite, it's one of those places that pleases everyone and always has really, really amazingly delicious food. 

We've only ever been for their happy hours (which are the best in town) or for dinner (which is also amazing), so we thought we would check it out for some brunch! Because who doesn't love brunch in a gorgeous space with a ton of bright light?

Since we were home in Canada, of course we had to have a caesar, which is a classic Canadian cocktail - kind of like a bloody mary, but made with clam juice instead of tomato juice. It's delicious, trust us...especially if you happen to be a little hungover. We also had some banana bread to share, which is probably the best banana bread ever. (Spoiler alert: all the food was amazing). 

Our group ordered off of both the lunch and brunch menu, and we loved that we had delicious lunch options like the blackened steelhead trout with an avocado salsa. On the brunch side, the wild mushroom, asparagus, and chevre frittata was perfect, especially with a side of the "pork paradise." But then...then came dessert. The banana bread pudding (not pictured) was the most wonderful creation of sweet comfort food. If you come craving something sweet, you might want to go right for the dessert! 

The Flying Pig has two other locations in Gastown and Yaletown, and it's honestly our go-to spot for eating - now at all times of the day! The Olympic Village location is nice and sunny, and bonus points: you can go walk the seawall after to burn off some of those oh-so-worth-it calories. 

This post is in partnership with The Flying Pig, but we really do go here a lot! Like, maybe too many times for happy hour kind of a lot.