5 of the Best Vintage Shops in Austin

We love thrifting when we travel because you can always find things that you never could at home! Take Texas for example: there are droves of perfectly worn-in denim cutoffs in every color of the rainbow, something that you definitely don't find in our hometown of Vancouver. To help you find the perfect item to take home with you, here is a list of 5 of the best vintage shops in Austin! 

1. Byron & Blue

Byron & Blue is a spacious and chic boutique in East Austin that has a mix of new and vintage clothing, along with prints by local independent artists, vintage records, and other unique knick-knacks. 

908 E 5th St@byronandblue |byronandblueshop.com

2. Charm School Vintage

Charm School Vintage is the perfect name for this East Austin vintage shop, because it certainly is charming! There's tons of curated gems, and it's the perfect place to find those Levi cutoffs you've been dreaming of. 

1111 E 11th St | @charmschoolvintage | charmschoolvintage.com

3. Feathers Boutique

Feathers Boutique in South Congress is a light and whimsical women's vintage shop that is definitely one of (if not the) best vintage stores in Austin! They also sell items on their Instagram, so keep your eye on their feed if you want something shipped!

1700B S Congress Ave | @feathersboutiquevintagefeathersboutiquevintage.com

4. Las Cruxes Vintage

We first introduced you to Las Cruxes Vintage shop in our post Probably the Coolest Place in East Austin. Las Cruxes shares a spot with Farewell Books, and they have a ton of eclectic and hand-made gems, local jewelry, and fab vintage. 

913 E Cesar Chavez St | @lascruxes |lascruxes.com

5. Uncommon Objects

If you're looking for a vintage shop in Austin that isn't all clothing, you'll want to hit up Uncommon Objects in South Congress. It's a huge collection of antique and vintage goods and a million little odds and ends. Be warned, though: you could probably spend hours in here.

 1512 S Congress Ave | @uncommonobjects |uncommonobjects.com 

Looking for more? Flashback Vintage and Blue Velvet are also rated as some of the best vintage shops in Austin. Don't forget to check out our local city guide to Austin too! 

Seventh Flag Coffee in South Austin

 Photo by Renee Klenkee

Photo by Renee Klenkee

Austin! We love Austin, and with so many people visiting over the next few weeks for SXSW, we thought we would share some new places and some old faves to help you find your way around. One of our dear friends Adam, who we met on our very first road trip and has joined us for many since, has moved all the way to Austin to flex his coffee skills at Seventh Flag Coffee on South 1st.

Seventh Flag Coffee is housed in an actual house, which is over 100 years old! They're serving up beans from Huckleberry Roasters, and the espresso presentation is super cool: the espresso is accompanied by two tall shot glasses, one with the local Topo Chico water and the other with Tibetan Tiger black tea. 

When it comes to the name Seventh Flag, it's a play on the "six flags" that have flown over Texas (Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederancy, and the United States). With the seventh flag, they're creating an identity as a country unto themselves living by their themes of "all welcome, all ways" and "our country of friends." 

 Photo by Jacob Simmons

Photo by Jacob Simmons

Stop in while you're in Austin, and say hi to our friend Adam for us! He is the best.

For more, don't forget to check out our local Austin City Guide!

Photos by Adam Van Houten and Zach Hetlage, unless otherwise noted. Thanks for sharing with us, guys! 

Probably The Coolest Place in East Austin

East Austin is full of life, from the cocktail bars to vintage stores and every breakfast taco in between. As much as we love beautiful spaces, we love community even more, which is why we're so happy to share 913 Collective with you! The address houses a book shop, vintage shop, art gallery, food truck, and yes, even a coffee shop and it's all run by local, independent business owners. 

First up is Flat Track Coffee, Austin's local micro-roastery which operates in a teeny, tiny minimalist coffee shop. There's no wifi or food, and only a few bar stools, but the coffee is stellar and the outdoor space is rad. Where else can you find a slingshot to amuse yourself?

Farewell Books is a new and used book shop that's full of unique pictures, records, and stories. It feels like you can browse their zine collection for hours, and they have work from both local and emerging authors and artists. 

You'll also find an art gallery / pop-up shop that rotates every few weeks, so you always have a reason to return! While we were visiting, the artist-in-residence was Cast + Crew from Marfa, Texas and we were obsessed with their "lucky horseshoes" - how cool are they? 

And last but certainly not least is Las Cruxes Vintage, a curated collection of beautiful goods, records, local jewerly, and yes, vintage. You can stay up-to-date with all their community events here, and be sure to visit 913 Collective when you're in Austin! 

Oh, and we can't forget the food trailer: Shhmaltz makes a mean vegan reuben! Who says Texas is all pulled pork and BBQ? Check it out for yourself at 913 E Cesar Chavez, and discover more of our recommended local gems in our East Austin Guide here. 

Thanks for reading, and a special thanks to Tourism Texas for flying us down to the Lone Star State! 

Your Local Guide to Austin, Texas

 After all our wine tasting and touring Texas Hill Country, it was time to explore the chill city of Austin, Texas. We're happy to report that Austin is actually as cool as everyone says it is, and we loved the laid back vibe and greenery everywhere. We left with happy hearts and full bellies, and we're so excited to share all the beautiful local gems we found during our visit with our latest city guide! We covered the neighborhoods of East Austin, South Congress, and Downtown, and this is a little overview. Special thanks to Texas Tourism for all their southern hospitality <3 

East Austin is by far our favorite 'hood, and it's full of independent shops, local art, and so much good food. Okay, that also describes pretty much all of Austin, which is probably why we love it so much. One of the most unique places to visit was the building at 913 South Cesar Chavez Street, which is home to the roastery Flat Track Coffee, the vintage boutique Las Cruxes, and Farewell Bookshop

Byron & Blue is a spacious and chic boutique that we instantly adored, and we loved their prints by local artists and vintage collection. Bonus is that Wright Brothers Brew & Brew is next door, which is both a coffee shop and craft beer stop. Pretty perfect, right?

Hillside Farmacy is a lovely place to sit back, relax, and listen to jazz over a plate of oysters. Across the street is Quickie Pickie, our favorite spot for Austin's tradition of breakfast tacos, proving that any time is taco time. 

We loved the southern inspiration at Charm School Vintage, and the Al Pastor taco at Veracruz All Natural was unreal. One of the best meals we had was the chicken thighs at Launderette, which is housed in - you guessed it - a renovated laundromat! Whether you walk or bike around, East Austin is a welcoming place for creatives, and you can view our full East Austin guide here

While the downtown core in a lot of cities often leaves you wanting more, Downtown Austin is pretty awesome. There's a ton of culture, street art, and eclectic restaurants to keep you busy (and loving every minute of wandering). La Condesa is a modern spin on Mexican street food, and they have the best patio for people-watching and an amazing happy hour. Plus, guacamole tasting menus! Easy Tiger is the place to be for a beer, or even a game of ping pong. Gourdough's Public House is full of crazy, ginormous donuts and a menu that's basically all donut cuisine. Think donut burgers, chicken and donuts, etc. 

Fixe Austin is a new, modern southern restaurant that we are pretty obsessed with. The dining rooms are all decorated differently, and the food is a really unique take on southern staples like grits. For the love of Texas, you must get the grits! 

The Four Seasons Austin may not sound like a local thing to do, but it actually is! It was voted best brunch in the city by locals, and it's situated right on Lady Bird Lake, which is the perfect place to go for a stroll around the park or enjoy a drink in their garden. For more, explore our Downtown Austin guide here. 

South Congress is the artistic and free-spirited neighborhood of Austin, with so much vintage to go through and so many murals to take photos with! Stag is a men's boutique for the modern-day hipster cowboy, while Feathers Boutique is a gorgeous collection of women's vintage. Uncommon Objects is a huge store full of random knick knacks and Texan gems, while Homeslice Pizza is the perfect place for pizza (and the famous Mr. Rogers mural). 

ByGeorge is a really beautiful women's boutique with a great selection of local jewelry designers, and a pretty cute pup to boot! For more fabulous finds, check out our South Congress guide here. 

We loved our time in Austin, and hope you will too. Don't forget to share your photos with us by tagging #heynowaustin so we can see them! 

Thanks to Texas Tourism for flying us down, and to all the amazing local businesses for being so friendly! 

Texas Hill Country

Surrounding the city of Austin is a region full of rolling green hills, fields of wildflowers, and rows of vineyards. We always love to take day trips from cities, and went out to explore the famous wineries of Texas Hill Country. Yes, Texan wine! We had no idea that there was even a wine region in Texas, let alone a top wine destination in the world, so this was a surprising adventure for us!  We took Fredericksburg Wine Road 290, which has 15 wineries all on wine road. The perfect road trip, right? Then again, maybe it's better to take the shuttle on this one...

Pedernales Cellars is an award-winning and family-run winery in Hill Country that's situated on gorgeous, green grounds. There's a huge, open veranda that's perfect for sipping on a tempranillo (the official red grape of Texas) and listening to some live music with friends. Speaking of friends, joining us on our wonderful, wine-filled day was fellow travelers Kirsten Alana and Christine Amorose from C'est Christine.

Four Point Cellars is a modern take on a tasting room, as it's a collaboration between three wineries. Located away from Wine Road 290, three Texan wineries came together to create a shared space and gain exposure along the route. But it doesn't stop there, because what goes beset with wine? Cheese. All the cheese. 

Veldhuizen Cheese also has a spot at the tasting table, and all their cheeses are local and Texan and oh so good. We love the concept of creating community here between the farmers and vineyards, it doesn't get much more local than that! Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars also create a special batch together under the 4.0 Cellars label, which is only available at the tasting room.

Becker Vineyards looks more like traditional winery, with a huge castle-like building and fields full of lavender. We were there during Lavender Festival, which was an added bonus! This is definitely the spot to gather with a group of friends and lay out your packed picnic on the grass. Add a glass or three and you're in for a pretty amazing afternoon. Our favourite part of the tasting was the very end - they paired liquid centre chocolates (remember those?) with a port and it was mind-blowing! The perfect way to end a wonderful day of wine, wine, wine.

This post is a partnership with Texas Tourism, and our Austin City Guide is coming next week! OMG.

Wine & Wildflowers in Fredericksburg, Texas

A post about Texas? That's right, after years of wanting to visit the Lone Star state, we finally made it to Austin. We are super excited to share our full city guide with you guys next week, but in the meantime we have all of Texas Hill Country to cover! When our plane touched down in the Lone Star state, we were honestly shocked at how green everything was! We took a day trip out to Fredericksburg, which is about an hour away from Austin, and drove past rolling green hills, wildflowers, and experienced that famous small town Texas charm. 

Fredericksburg, Texas is the town at the heart of Texas Hill Country, and it's surrounded by wineries and vineyards, but more on that in our next post. Main Street is a quaint and gorgeous stretch of local boutiques, bars, and restaurants, like the irresistible Vaudeville. The upstairs is a jaw-dropping general store, and the downstairs is a delicious and healthy eatery. We're talking "vegan food that's built for Texans," as one salad on the menu read. It's a must-see spot to sip on a local brew and cool off in the cellar during those Texan summers! Also, their Reuben sandwich is pretty outrageous.

Fun history fact: Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants, so there's a lot of cool Bavarian influences around town.

Quintessential Chocolates is probably the most unique shop in Fredericksburg, and it's not just because the chocolate is delicious. They make the only liquid-centre chocolates in America, using a traditional French method. We'd try to explain it but you should probably just visit yourself and try one! Basically, you suck on the entire chocolate and enjoy the flavour until the sugar casing collapses, and then your mouth is full of chocolate-flavoured alcohol! It's pretty amazing.

April and May is peak wildflower season in Texas Hill Country, and we had so much fun wandering through poppy fields and enjoying the drive along a floral-decorated highway. The wonderful wildflowers are a result of Lady Bird Johnson's determination to beautify America's highways and public areas, which used to be full of garbage and billboards. We also took a stop at Wild Seed Farms, where the poppies grow each year on their own - no seeds needed! As Lady Bird said, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

This post is a partnership with Texas Tourism, but they let us get as "local' as we wanted.