Vancouver's Newest Cafe Darling is Bows and Arrows Coffee in Mt. Pleasant

We love visiting new (and new to us) coffee shops, but we really love when a great new coffee shop opens right down the street us! The new Bows and Arrows Coffee Roasters on Fraser Street in Vancouver's awesome Mount Pleasant neighborhood is bright, full of yummy coffee and treats, and the best part? There's so many outlets. 

An Awesome Coffee Shop to Work at in Vancouver

We're always on the hunt for great places to work, and a lot of time the places with great coffee either don't have wifi, have very limited seating, or don't have outlets. Luckily, Bows and Arrows Coffee has all three! The coffee shop is centered around a huge common table so there's plenty of seating, a lot of built-in outlets at the table, and yes - the coffee is so good. 

Plus, there's a the beer is ready for you when you're done work!

Bows and Arrows Coffee Roasters

We first got to know Bows and Arrows Coffee by visiting their hometown of Victoria, BC where they got their start as a micro-roastery! Now, you can find their beans being brewed in shops across Canada and major US cities, but if you want a local Vancouver experience, you should definitely stop by their latest shop. We might be a little biased, but we love the neighborhood ;)


You can visit Bows and Arrows Coffee at 4194 Fraser St near Fraser & King Edward in Vancouver.

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