An Airstream Weekend in the Woods on Pender Island

If you want to get outside in style, a weekend away at Woods on Pender is the way to do it. Not only do you get to stay in a rad, renovated airstream with all the open space you could want, you don't even have to cook for yourself! Their on-site restaurant Coffee + Kitchen is local fine dining in a casual, woodsy atmosphere, which makes this the perfect weekend trip from Seattle or Vancouver

Getting to Pender Island

Pender Island is part of British Columbia's Gulf Islands, which means you get to take a fun ferry ride to get there! This summer we've fallen in love with exploring more of BC's coast, and there's something so peaceful about taking a little boat ride to your destination. You can either take your car on the ferry from Vancouver or Seattle, or if you just walk on, someone from the camp can pick you up! 


Pender Island is such a beautiful place to explore, there's tons of hiking trails, beaches, kayaking, and even a winery. We didn't have the best weather, so we spent most of time cozied up on our campground, which was equally as enjoyable. 

Living the Airstream Life

The main feature of Woods on Pender are all the renovated airstreams! This place is full of 6 gorgeous airstreams, plus some cabins, so it's great for groups or just a romantic holiday for two. Each airstream comes fully equipped with all the dishes and kitchenware you need, plus some luxuries like cable, Apple TV, and wifi that actually works! 

You also get a huge deck to enjoy, a ton of grass to play games on, hammocks to relax in, and even your own mini-hot tub. This is glamping at its finest, and we love it. One of the great perks about visiting Pender Island is that there are basically no predators (but there are a lot of deer!), so if you're scared of bears, raccoons, cougars, you'll be perfectly at peace here! 

Coffee + Kitchen at Woods on Pender

During our stay, we did a mix of eating in (barbecue) and eating out. And by eating out, we mean we just walked down the hill to Coffee + Kitchen, the restaurant at Woods on Pender. They also have a fun patio and an upstairs lodge, stocked with a ton of board games, so you have options of where to hang out during your stay. 

Whether you want to come for breakfast and your morning coffee, or enjoy a delicious evening dinner and cocktails, you definitely have to make a point to eat here! Coffee + Kitchen has an impressive menu that is centred around local, healthy, and fresh food, and they can tell where exactly everything is sourced from. We try charcuterie everywhere we go, and this was the best charcuterie ever. Definitely try it out, and learn about the farms where all the local cheeses and meats come from, only an island or two away!

After charcuterie, it was time for an evening soak in our super awesome mini-hot tub. It was the best way to enjoy a glass of wine and really soak up all that nature has to offer. At Woods on Pender you're surrounded by trees, the sky is crystal clear to see all the stars, but you can go lie in your warm, heated Airstream bed at the end of the day. What could be better?

We can't wait to go back to Woods on Pender again, we're thinking of a little winter getaway next. The New York Times named BC's Gulf Islands one of the 50 Places to Visit in 2016, so we checked that off our travel list this year! You can see more of our favorite places to explore in BC here. Happy camping! 

This post is in partnership with Explore BC, our home province!