Individual Medley Boutique in Atwater Village, LA

Of all the cities we've visited, LA is definitely a unique when it comes to its neighborhoods. Instead of one big city, LA neighborhoods function more like a bunch of "little" cities, each one unique to themselves. Recently, we were so excited to branch out a bit and take a stroll through the adorable community of Atwater Village where we found Individual Medley

Where to Shop in Atwater Village

Individual Medley is a gorgeous boutique in Atwater Village that is home to an expertly curated selection of clothing, home goods, vintage, and apothecary. They have unique designers from all over the world, but they also have products from local artists and host community events and workshops in their gorgeous space. This is definitely the spot to visit in Atwater Village!

If you're hungry, be sure to stop by Proof Bakery nearby in Atwater Village for some fresh-baked pastries, sandwiches, and locally roasted coffee. To discover more awesome places like this in Los Angeles, check out our LA City Guide! We are updating our guide this summer and coming out with more neighborhoods, so let us know where we should explore next in the comments.