The Best Juice in LA? It's not actually juice.

I think we found the best juice in LA. OMG. We were first attracted to Lifehouse Tonics & Elixirs in West Hollywood because of their amazing interior - anything bright and tie dye just calls our name. But then...the juice! Actually, it may be the best juice because Lifehouse specifically says #itsnotjuice, it's so much more than that. Taylor has been dreaming of her "blended tonic" every day since. 


How amazing (and Instagrammable) is their entrance?! Perfect to show off your new shoes ;) 

So yes, Lifehouse Tonics & Elixirs is pretty gorgeous. But it's also pretty delicious. Instead of just your typical "cold-pressed juice" that is abundant in LA, Lifehouse specializes in "unique superfood blended tonics and steeped elixirs packed with tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms." Yes...medicinal mushrooms.

Do we totally understand what this means? Not really. But each tonic (like a blended smoothie) or elixir (non-juice) is based off of a feeling, so let them know how you want to feel (energized, relaxed, beautified, detoxed, etc) and they'll pair you with the perfect drink.

The "Greenhouse Chip" blended tonic is literally life-changing. I can never drink another smoothie better than this ever tastes like a mint chocolate chip milkshake, except it's all whole foods and things that are really, really good for you. Totally worth the $14. We've heard the "mud hut" is amazing too!

For more of our LA faves, check out our Los Angeles page and LA city guides! Also, if you have a favorite juice bar in LA, let us know in the comments! 

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