Wandering Wallpapers ~ Palm Springs

We find so much inspiration in the new cities we travel to, and we want to bring some of that inspiration to you! For each new city we create a guide for, we'll be collaborating with a dope artist for our new "Wandering Wallpaper" series. You can download free desktop or mobile wallpapers, and each set will be inspired by the city we're featuring! First up: Palm Springs. 

These free Palm Springs wallpapers were designed by our super talented and inspiring friend Melody Hansen. When she isn't working her camera skills as one of the best selfie queens, she's a creative illustrator and designer. You can follow her gorgeous Instagram feed at @themelodyh and check out her photographs and work at melody-hansen.com

Free Palm Springs Wallpapers by Melody Hansen

To download the wallpapers, just click the one you want and save it from the next page! 

All photos and designs in this post are by Melody Hansen. Are you an artist who wants to collaborate on a city-inspired wallpaper with us? Email us! thelocalwanderer at gmail.com xo