Chillin' at The Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs

The Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs is somewhat of a legend, and rightfully so. This place is just so tranquil, and chill, and gorgeous to look at. Everyone's always having a swell time, the pool is great, and the food is delicious. What's not to love?

The in-house diner, King's Highway, is soooo good. You won't find greasy food, but you will find delicious and colorful plates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We definitely recommend brunch outside on the poolside patio, and why not add a Palm Springs classic date shake too? It's vacation after all.


Like every Ace Hotel, the rooms here are stellar and comfortable. We especially loved the retro vibes and all the gorgeous morning light that came in. The details are so thoughtful, with record players, art magazines, and a minibar with actual cool goodies. 

Plus, the rooms just beg for a few selfies. We also loved the California king bed...only way to go in California.


The best part about our room, though, was the huge private patio. It's totally worth springing for! Your room opens up onto this huge, green patio with a couch and table, and theres an umbrella to chill out in the shade in too. Perfect for lounging around on lazy morning with your friends. 

While we were in Palm Springs, our good friends Brittany and Patrick from Oakland were getting married! It was such a gorgeous day to see two people madly in love commit to each other. Congrats, guys! 

The great thing about the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs is that you don't really have to leave. If you want to party on a weekend at The Ace's bar, The Amigo Room, and just crawl into bed after, this is an excellent option. With so many great places to stay in Palm Springs, you can switch it up and stay in a couple. For more on Palm Springs, check out our Palm Springs City Guide here