A Romantic Dinner at Sparrows Lodge, Palm Springs

If there is one thing you absolutely must do in Palm Springs, it's dining al fresca under a gorgeous trellis at Sparrows Lodge. The Barn Kitchen at Sparrows Lodge serves an incredible family-style dinner every Wednesday and Saturday, with a rotating menu based on local, seasonal ingredients. This was a major highlight of the trip for us, and we love making new friends around a common table!

The attention to detail is just unbelievable, it was so cute to have our individual place cards, and we just fell in love with the table setting and the gorgeous environment. The dinner started at sunset, and as the night drew in, we were offered cozy Burberry blankets to snuggle up in as we enjoyed glasses of wine under twinkling lights. It was so romantic, and just a very special experience. That's what vacations are all about, right?

The food was amazing, and chef Gabriel Woo was very charming. The family-style, long table dinners run twice a week, Barn Kitchen does “Chicken” Wednesdays and “Steak” Saturdays. You don't have to be staying at The Sparrows to attend, but it does book up 4-6 weeks in advance, so make sure you save your spot! The menu changes for each dinner, and they did not disappoint! Edible flowers in your salad? Amazing. 

Sparrows Lodge is a completely restored 1950's retreat, with a unique Palm Springs vibe. While most of the city is very mid-century mod, Sparrows had a more rustic-chic vibe. The rooms all open to a long common area, with a pool in the front and a garden area in the back (where the dinner is served). And the rooms are gorgeous

If you can't make it to a dinner, the bar is open until 11pm everyday, and you can stop by to gather around the fire-pit and meet new friends. 

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