6 Amazing Places to Explore in Whistler, Canada

Heading to Whistler, Canada? Lucky for you, it's so much more than one of the best ski resorts in the world. Whitler Village is home to shopping and some amazing restaurants, but there's a lot of other gorgeous places to visit in Whistler too! If you're wondering where to go in Whistler, BC, start with these 6 favorites:


1. On Your Way to Whistler: The Sea to Sky Gondola 

The Sea-to-Sky Highway is one of the most beautiful drives in the world, especially if you're visiting! Blue water on one side and mountains and trees on the other, you'll be perfectly entertained just looking out your window on a road trip to Whistler. A little over halfway to Whistler, Canada is the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC that is one of our favorite places to explore in British Columbia. You take a gondola up 2800ft, and from there you can explore a suspension bridge and enjoy a ton of hiking or snowshoe trails!

2. Whistler Hotels: A Relaxing Stay at Nita Lake Lodge 

If you're looking at Whistler hotels, one of our favorite places to stay in Whistler is Nita Lake Lodge. It's located in Whistler Creekside on a gorgeous, quiet lake with the most beautiful hotel rooms. We stayed in a two-floor lake-front suite, and we liked the relaxation and being tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the village. 

Nita Lake Lodge would be the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, there's multiple restaurants in the lodge, a coffee ship, and a spa, so you don't even have to leave if you don't want to!  We loved the view to the lake right from the bathtub, and our patio was perfect for enjoying our morning coffee. Nita Lake Lodge is quick drive from Whistler Village, but there's a free shuttle that takes you back and forth so it's super easy!

3. Whistler Village: Cocktails & Charcuterie at Bar Oso 

While there's a ton of great Whistler restaurants, including our favorite Araxi, our favorite place to enjoy a good cocktail is at Bar Oso. The Spanish-inspired menu showcases a long list of craft gin and tonics, and their local charcuterie board is life-changing. 

If you like maple-glazed bacon, then the Oso Sour is for you. Because who doesn't like a strong cocktail with a bacon garnish? Bar Oso is definitely one of the best restaurants in Whistler Village!

4. Whistler Day Trip: Hiking at Joffre Lakes

If you want to get into some serious snow, take a day trip from Whistler and head to Joffre Lakes! It's about an hour away from Whistler Village, past Pemberton, and it's a stunning hike all year round. Or you can just hang out by the lake too ;)

There are three lakes you can hike or snowshoe to, each of them getting more and more turquoise, but if you want to just get in some snow selfies, the first lake is only about a 5 minute walk! Just make sure you bring your snowboots (thanks Sorel!) because it can get a bit icy on the trail.

5. Coffee and Juice in Whistler's Function Junction

If you're looking to hang with the locals in Whistler, you'll want to head to 'Function Junction,' which is an assuming industrial complex with some real hidden gems! Head to Camp LIfestyle + Coffee Co to grab some 49th Parallel coffee or the Canadian flannel of your dreams. 

The Green Moustache is a dream for vegans, featuring healthy and delicious raw food and super smoothies. We loved the bright light, and this would be an awesome place to get some work done too. Also in Function Junction is Whistler Brewing, which is where you'll want to fill up your growler or sit down for a pint and a pot pie. 

6. Chill out at Whistler's Lost Lake

Whether you're coming to Lost Lake in the dead of winter to play ice hockey or the middle of summer to tan by the dock, it's definitely one of the best places to visit in Whistler! There's a ton of trails perfect for snowshoeing or running (depending on the time of year), and it's just so beautiful! 

There's a lot of beautiful lakes in Whistler, Canada, and if you're looking for another lake to explore, check out Alta Lake

If you're heading to Whistler, get ready for your trip by checking out our Whistler City Guide! We have a ton of ideas for the best restaurants and things to do in Whistler, so check it out

This post is in partnership with Sorel, who makes our favorite fall and winter boots and keeps us warm in our Sorel parkas!

Thanks to Nita Lake Lodge and Bar Oso for their hospitality. The letterboard is from Nettle's Tale Shop and the red wool blanket is Woolrich.