Where to Eat, Drink, and Shop in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is made up of small, charming towns with a ton of beautiful scenery and wineries inbetween each of them! Lucky for us, it's also full of really good food, delicious cocktails, and artisanal shops. Here are the best places to eat, drink, and shop in Prince Edward County, Ontario! 


The main draw to Wellington is the Drake Devonshire, but we stumbled into the awesome and new Courage Bar while we were in Wellington. You can come in for breakfast, lunch, or coffee during the day, or when the lights go down you can enjoy amazing cocktails. Not much is open late in Prince Edward County, so Courage Bar should definitely be on your list for night time! Oak Clothing Co. is also a great spot across the street to stock up on any flannels you might need! 

The Drake Devonshire is a gorgeous hotel, but it's also a fabulous lakeside restaurant in Wellington. The menu is full of hearty comfort foods, and it would make a great dinner spot before you hit up Courage Bar for cocktails. 


In the town of Bloomfield, you'll find a collection of local shops like Sand & Sumac and Kokito that are full of local, artisanal goods and other well-curated items. Check out the high-quality wool blankets made right in town - we wished we had enough luggage space to take one home with us! 

We also loved the Saylor House Cafe, which is a quaint tea room with a gorgeous patio that makes you feel like you're in The Secret Garden. For a fresh and delicious farm-to-table meal, check out The Agrarian! If you're visiting on a weekend in Prince Edward County, make sure you make a reservation for dinner because everywhere in the County can fill up fast! 

Also in Bloomfield is Angeline's Inn, which is full of character on both the inside and the outside! The interior decor feels like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie, and their restaurant The Hubb is a great spot for a cozy dinner. 


Don't forget to wander around though; there's an adorable little "tuck shop" in the back, and some gorgeous cabins you can stay in too! 


Of all the towns, Picton is the most "city" like, and it's where we stayed at The Ferg. It's super walkable to town, where we found the cutest floral shop, Coriander Girl. Because who doesn't love fresh flowers on vacation, right? 

We walked over to Vic Cafe for morning brunch, and it was sooo good! They have the yummiest healthy breakfast or smoothie bowls, and it was just such a laidback and pretty spot to start the day. If you're looking for craft beer and insanely delicious fish tacos, check out The County Canteen, which is where you want to go at nighttime in Picton!