Sending Off Summer Along the Oregon Coast

"Would you like to go on a roadtrip?" has always been music to our ears, so when our good friend Jordan Dyck had a few days off, we decided to send off summer along the Oregon Coast.  Anytime you head to the Oregon Coast it's amazing, but there's something extra special about feeling the summer air get a little cooler as you head into fall on the beach. 


We joined an amazing group of photographers + The Visual Collective in Seaside, Oregon where we stayed in this gorgeous Airbnb house along the ocean. It made for some seriously pretty walks to the beach!

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We drove down the coast one day towards our favorite spot on the Oregon Coast, Cape Kiwanda. 

Oregon's Hidden Gem: Cape Kiwanda

We love Cape Kiwanda for it's sandy beaches, oceanside cliffs, and those stunning sand dunes! There used to be an incredible arch that was formed naturally over hundreds of years, but unfortunately a bunch of kids recently destroyed it. :( 

Even without the arch, Cape Kiwanda is still the perfect place to take in golden hour at sunset. 

Photo by Jordan Dyck

Photo by Jordan Dyck

In order to view the "cape," you have to walk up the sand dunes and through some trees to get this breathtaking view. If you're planning a trip to the Oregon Coast, it's definitely worth driving a little extra to get here. 

Megan StokesSarah GudemanDavid SadofksyBrett BroonerBen RamosYoni Gill, and Matt Scheuller are just some of the amazing crew we got to explore and hang out with! Thanks for all the memories. You can check out our trip on Instagram at #allthefeelsoregon

Below are some photos from our friend Yoni Gill from Smuggler's Cove outside of Newport, Oregon, which is another great place to visit on the Oregon Coast! If you're heading to Oregon, don't forget to check out our Oregon Road Trips page which is filled with all our favorite spots! 

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