Montana's Bighorn Canyon

Helloooooo, Montana!  Yes, that's right: Montana. Elaine recently went on a trip there with Tourism Montana and our friend from YosemiteTrev Lee. She hiked mountains, cozied up in cabins, went dogsledding, and flew a kite in the snow. We're both so excited to share some of what Montana has to offer in our upcoming posts. First up: Bighorn Canyon.

Devil's Canyon Overlook

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area straddles the border of Wyoming and Montana, and Devil's Canyon Overlook in Southeast Montana is one of the spots to explore in the state. The canyon looks similar to Utah's Horseshoe Bend and is a beautiful U-shape. There was tons of juniper all around, and the water was a gorgeous aquamarine color. The best part? You can drive there! No grueling hike required. 


To get to Bighorn, we drove through southeast Montana and then a bit of Wyoming, where we tried some Rocky Mountain Oysters. They're not seafood though...instead you get deep-friend a dish made of bull, pig or sheep testicles. Yup. 

Our friend Andy from @southeastmontana joined us at Bighorn, and he gave us these beautiful compasses that are enscribed with "briskly venture, briskly roam." Sounds like a good life motto to us! 


Montana is so gorgeous, especially with a dust of snow, and there's tons of wildlife around. Look out for the Bighorn sheep and bison! Don't forget to follow along on our Instagram at @localwanderer too :) 


This post is in partnership with Visit Montana.