The Springs: Juice, Wine, and Yoga in Los Angeles

From the moment we walked up to The Springs in LA's Arts District, we knew it was something special. The outdoor patio with bright yellow chairs was just the beginning, and it's really hard to pick a favorite part of this awesome place. The Springs is home to a shop, organic juice bar, wellness center, yoga studio, raw vegan restaurant and...a wine bar. Seriously, what more could you ask for in a place? 

Acting as a meeting place for both yogies and foodies, The Springs is an "eco-vegan-mind-body-one-stop-shop." The shop at the front is full of cool goods that are all organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly, including a bunch of local brands too! 

As far as bars go, there's both a juice bar and a wine bar. However can you choose?! The juice bar has the classic 100% organic, cold-pressed juices that you can come to expect in LA, and they're all bottled onsite! As far as the wine bar goes, you're in luck because all of the wine is from local wineries (a California perk) and biodynamic, among a slew of other health words. Basically, everything here is good for you body, your soul, and the planet. 

If you're someone who runs at the sight of a "raw vegan restaurant," give The Springs a chance! The menu is a seasonal and 100% organic, and it's all raw, even the pho. Do you know what else is amazing? The vegan ice cream, and it even looks adorable too!

When you're not drooling over the food or drinks, you might want to get down and sweaty at The Springs. The yoga studio offers a variety of classes all day long, which you can learn about here. We didn't make it inside the Wellness Centre, but if you want a break from the city it's said to be the perfect place to step into the spa for a holistic experience. 

The community gathering area also has live music most nights, and a popular Jazz Night as we said, what doesn't this place have?!

If you don't have time to sit and linger, you can still grab and go a juice, smoothie, or yummy ice cream from the counter. And while you're at it, be sure to explore the rest of LA's Arts District with our neighborhood guide here!

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