Selfies and Sunsets in Nevada

There's more to Vegas than meets the the desert! Vegas is surrounded by such beauty, and we just went for a little drive one day. We found ourselves enjoying a gorgeous sunset on a dry lake bed which was the perfect pitstop for some photos. Plus, we have a little treat for you from Lyft!

Lucky for us we were joined on our Vegas trip with our friend Bryan Dale. If Local Wanderer was a sitcom, he would definitely be a guest star. We met him on our very first road trip in January 2014, and since then we've been a big road trip family. 

Travel tip: always have a couple bottles of Trader Joe's Two Buck Chuck in your trunk. You never know when you'll want to crack one open...

Elaine was driving and had an XL Slurpee instead.

So the thing about Vegas's really hot in the summer. Like, really, really, really hot. One day, being the brave Canadians that we are, we decided to "walk" to the Arts District from our hotel at the Downtown Grand. This isn't that far, maybe 15-20 minutes, but it felt like the longest walk of our life. Once we hit the sweet, sweet air conditioning at Makers & Finders, it honestly felt euphoric. 

Then, we had to get back. We had to Google a taxi number for Vegas, give them our cross streets, and then we waited. And waited. And waited. No app to show you where the car is, or if it's even coming at all (it didn't). We were melting in the 115 degrees+ weather, when all of a sudden a cab pulled up to drop someone off and we happily jumped in the air conditioning. A 5 min drive later and we go to pay with our credit card and are charged an extra $10! What?! It was $19.57 but we'd pay it again just to escape that heat.

So please! Learn from us. Luckily for you, Lyft is now in Las Vegas, so you can catch a ride anywhere, anytime, and they'll actually show up (not to mention it's cheaper + friendlier than a cab). Download the Lyft app here, use our code "LOCALLOVE," and your first ride is on us! 

Don't forget to check out our latest city guide and share it with the next friend you know that's heading to Vegas <3 


Oh, and a selfie just for you guys! xoxo

Thanks for reading! This post is in partnership with Lyft :) 

on Taylor: romper from Urban Outfitters, sandals from Topshop. 
on Elaine: dress from Free People