More Favorite Places in San Diego

Sometimes it takes a while to get to know a city, and we've been falling more in love with San Diego this summer. Here's a look at some of the new (and new to us) places that we've added to our San Diego city guide! Like this brother-sister shop that's a bright corner full of cookies and clothes. 5 and A Dime is a local street style brand, and The Good Stuff Cookie Co makes cookies filled with cheesecake. Yes, cheesecake. OMG. 

East Village is industrial-chic, full of high ceilings, exposed brick, and tons of light. Bar Basic may be called basic, but you won't find any Uggs here. Instead you'll find a cool, modern loft space with delicious thin-crust pizzas, a good beer list, and a cool but chill vibe that's perfect for groups. See our East Village neighborhood guide here!

There's a few Cafe Gratitude's in Southern California, and for good reason: it's California cuisine at it's best! This bright and beautiful space features an entirely plant-based menu (vegans rejoice!) and it's sooo delicious. Each dish is an affirmation, so when you order you end up saying things like  "I am strong" or "I am beautiful." But mostly, you'll just be satisfied. 


We've also added a couple places in Normal Heights, like the good pizza / better beer at Blind Lady Ale House and the delicious sandwiches at Burnside


Finally, there's Holsem Coffee in the ever-hip North Park 'hood. Have you ever been to a coffee parlor? Think cocktails, but with coffee instead, like espresso shakes, banana bread iced coffee, and Nutella cold brew. There's also a breakfast and lunch menu, and wifi that you can totally work on. See all our North Park faves here!

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out the rest of our San Diego finds too!