Rolling Huts, Central Washington

Modern, open, and bright "huts?" Count us in! Camping can be fun, don't get us wrong, but sometimes you just need a little "glamping," and that's exactly what we found at the Rolling Huts in Central Washington when we went for a short summer trip with our Seattle friends!

You might be wondering why these are called the "rolling" huts, and it's because, well, they actually...roll! They're all on big wheels in a big field, and each hunt comes with dishes, beds, and pillows, just be sure to bring your own sleeping bags or bedding! On the "glampsite" are BBQs, showers, and normal restrooms just a short walk away. The area is super quiet with lake access nearby, and it's just a 10-15 minute drive from town of Winthrop! 

The campsite is peaceful, so be sure to bring your favourite book and get ready for some serious relaxation.

photo by: Treasures & Travels

On the drive home, we stopped at the scenic Diablo Lake in North Cascades National Park with our friends. This was a short and sweet trip and we loved just getting out in nature and breathing in the fresh air with people we love!

We seriously need to visit more of the Cascades! It's so beautiful...

photo by Treasures & Travels 

photo by Treasures & Travels 

Thanks to our friends Treasures & Travels for a few of the photos and Jesse Morrow and Man Man Van for joining our trip! Check out their stories on the links :)

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