Escape to Deep Cove

We love cities, but we also love an escape from them. A time to breathe in the fresh air (without breathing in pollution) and a time to find your new favourite rock and just...relax. A weird thing about Vancouver is that, besides the City of Vancouver, there's actually two other "Vancouvers" too! Let us explain North Vancouver and West Vancouver, neither of which amount to North West the Person, but we continue on.

Both West Vancouver and North Vancouver are suburbs of Actual Vancouver, and we have our own favourite spots in each of them! Nestled in North Vancouver is Deep Cove, a little haven for anyone who likes to kayak or paddle board. It's only $35 for 2 whole hours on a stand-up paddleboard, and it's basically the most Vancouver thing to do (besides doing yoga on a SUP, which is also a thing). 

Either way, Deep Cove is lovely if you want to go for activities, or just come and hang out like us! The pier is full of boats, the boardwalk full of shops, and everything else is full of beauty, just a short 20 minutes or so from downtown!

When it's time to dip your toes (or body!) into the water, you gotta be prepared! This summer we discovered the amazingness that is Nettle's Tale Swimwear, and oh boy have our lives changed. Taylor here: as a tall, busty, lady with a booty, I have actually dreaded summers because of the not-so-fun "bathing suit season." It's not that I don't love my body (I do! I really, really do!) it's that I just never found anything that actually fit my body before. Enter Julia from Nettle's Tale, who gave me the most body positive fitting ever, put me in The Kimberly Set, and made me feel so confident that I've literally been running around in my bathing suit like a three year old, not worrying about anything popping out, and just enjoying life and sand and beaches and pool parties! What's not to love about that??


But enough about our beautiful bodies (and yours too), let's get to the goods along the Deep Cove boardwalk! Unfortunately all the shops were closed by the time we got there this week, but based on our other visits, here's where to go!

Sunnyside is a lovely little tea and home goods oasis, and across the street you'll find Ahoy Goods, a Pacific-Northwest-inspired clothing store. Next door is Room 6, which is home to everything from stationary to fresh flowers, and the donuts at Honey's are legendary! 

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On Taylor: Kimberly Set from Nettle's Tale Swimwear, overalls from TopShop, backpack from Brixton, sunglasses from Aldo, wrap from H&M
On Elaine: Britney set from Nettle's Tale Swimwear, leather tote from Cuyana, overall dress 8th & Main, headwrap from Club Monaco