New Places We Love in Vancouver's Mt. Pleasant

We spent pretty much the entire summer travelling, but there's nothing quite like coming home to the familiarity of your own neighbourhood. But sometimes that can get boring, so we recently ventured a little more south on Vancouver's Main St and were delighted at what we found! To make sure we're always giving you guys the goods, we added a few new places to our Mt. Pleasant Neighbourhood Guide!  Here's a glimpse of them:

Neighbourhood Quality Goods is a summer pop-up shop curated by the women behind Nettle's Tale Swimwear and the jewelry line MH by Melanie Hull. They feature collections by local, independent businesses from the Pacific Northwest...and this is seriously the best place to buy a swimsuit. Body positivity, baby. {see more}

The Pleasant Gift Shop is a local, independent boutique full of unique and eclectic art gifts, with everything from greeting cards, items to warm up your home, and sweet treats! {see more}

Cartems Donuterie opened a new location just a few blocks from our house (dangerous!). They carry yummy donuts for everyone, from the gluten-free to the vegans, and every kind of deliciousness in-between. {see more}

An updated take on a traditional tea bar, Cultivate Tea carries pure and whole leaf teas that are sourced directly from their origin. Plus, in the summer they make cold brew tea with Japanese charcoal filtered water! {see more}

This one is more of a new-to-us addition: Eugene Choo is a beautiful boutique featuring a mix of upscale and local designer items, and it's been a local Vancouver staple for over 15 years! {see more}

The new Liberty Café is a comfortable and cozy local gem featuring delicious sandwiches, soups, and impressive baked goods. Plus, the decor is pretty great. {see more}

Last but not least is one of the coolest things we've found in a while: The Soap Dispensary. It's exactly what it sounds like: a place to refill your soaps! There's more than just soap though, like household cleaners, shampoo, DIY ingredients, and more. Besides being a neat thing to do, it's also better for the environment and CHEAPER! We can get down with that. {see more}

Are we missing one of your favourites in Mt. Pleasant? Let us know in the comments, and tag your Vancouver photos with #heynowvancouver!