Your Montreal City Guide

Montreal is an amazing city, and it's not just the beautiful French language that makes it so different from most of Canada. This city lives and breathes culture, and we are huge fans of the long dinners, late nights, and neverending espresso bars. We are so excited to bring you our Montreal city guide (click above!) and hope that you enjoy it as much as we did! We'll be back, but for now here's some of our favourites...

Montreal's Mile End neighbourhood is a haven for flowers, bicycles, beautiful streetfronts and local businesses. Whether it's an iced coffee mid-day at Arts Cafe or syphon coffee in the morning at Cafe Falco, you'll find no shortage of delicious coffee here! Check out the entire guide to Mile End here (it's seriously so gorgeous).

For the gents, Clark St. Mercantile is a beautiful menswear boutique that carries local Canadian brands and everything you need to keep your beard looking good, and Oxford is a curated shoe / zine shop with a cool selection that is sure to satisfy every health goth. 

If you fancy a game of table tennis with your beer, Ping Pong Club is the place to be! We love it here for brunch, lunch, dinner...there's really no bad time for ping pong. Plus it's a bar with a charging station, so we're pretty happy.

The other neighbourhood we're obsessed with is Le Plateau, which is full of street art, cafes, bars, and the general hip factor that makes Montreal such an amazing city. Instock Showroom is a street art gallery with a streetwear boutique next door, and La Buvette Chez Simone has an awesome wine list and build-your-own-charcuterie menu (plus, a patio) that makes it the perfect place for happy hour. See our full neighbourhood guide to the Plateau here!


A big thank you to Tourisme Montreal and Tourisme Quebec for having us out to document their lovely city!