The Farmstead along Highway 101

When you're on a road trip, you tend to get lost. It's kind of inevitable. Sometimes getting lost is really frustrating, but other times it can lead to you finding the most amazing place ever. Luckily for us, an accidental exit led us straight into the arms of The Farmstead, a local farm that is pretty much a dream for anyone who likes organic produce, miniature donkeys, or rolling hills. 

This is the first post with our friends Rico and Rachel from Get Lost With, plus our pal Bryan Dale (again), and we are super excited to share more of our adventures with you guys! We want to make it easier for you to hop in a car and take your own California road trip, and hopefully our blog helps you find localism along the way. 

Somewhere on the beautiful Central California coast, we took a turn off the highway and drove past a farm. Taylor is obsessed with farm animals and shrieked “llamas!” and wanted to drive back so we could take photos with them. Instead, we found a whole lot more!

We love local, but The Farmstead is probably as local as you can get. It’s located between Santa Barbara and Buellton along Highway 101, and every morning their barn is stocked with freshly picked fruits and veggies that are for sale based on the ‘ole honour system. How cool is that?! They only take cash, coins, or cheques, so remember to come prepared because you are going to want to buy everything in here.

The barn is open everyday from 9am-7pm, and on Market Days (weekends) they sell other handmade goods like granola, olive oil, and honey. If it’s not grown on their farm, it’s grown within 25 miles. There’s even U-Pick fields! Amazing, right?

Now, for the best part: the farm animals! You’ll find chickens, pigs, miniature donkeys, llamas, and even two goats named Cornelius and Sebastian (swoon).  There’s a bin with lettuce and veggies in the barn, so you can feed the animals and enjoy all the happy feelings they give you. Plus, goat selfies. 

If you can’t tell by now, we are kind of head over heels for The Farmstead. The farmer, Able, is so sweet and we love his commitment to all things local, sustainable, and fun. This is a can’t miss gem for any road trip along the coast and an awesome opportunity to support a local business! You can find out more about The Farmstead and where to find it here.

Stay tuned for the rest of our trip with Get Lost With on Thursday! Thanks to Rico and Rachel for sharing some of their photos with us :)

What We're Wearing:
Taylor: overalls from H&M, hat from Brixton, sandals from Minnetonka Moccasin
Elaine: dress from Urban Outfitters, boots from Minnetonka Moccasin 
Rachel: jumpsuit from Free People, sandals from Minnetonka Moccasin
Rico: moccassins from Minnetonka Moccasin