Coffee, Tea, and Juice in San Diego

Rise and shine, San Diego. Saunter down to East Village for the best start to your day, which can be found at the Juice Saves + Coffee & Tea Collective space. Two local businesses, one awesome location! We could sit here all morning enjoying acai bowls, cold brew, and iced tea with our friends (or alone with our computers). It's full of chill vibes, creative people, and everything you need to make yourself happy. 

Okay, let's talk juice. In addition to have local and organic pressed juices that can probably cure anything (hangovers, anyone?), Juice Saves is also home to the best acai bowls. No, really, these are most likely the best acai bowls in the world. We're not sure if it's the fresh berries and coconut combo, or the fact that it's basically like eating ice cream for breakfast, but either way we are sold. You can't beat nutritious and delicious! 

Nothing goes better with your morning breakfast than that perfect cup of coffee or tea, and thankfully Coffee & Tea Collective is armed with both to satisfy everyone.  We first fell in love with their North Park location last year, so we were super excited when our friends Rico and Rachel from Get Lost With took us to the East Village location. You'll find both cold brew and iced tea on tap, including their famous SD Herbal Blend, which is made from all-local herbs and even includes some Cascade hops! Just when you think it can't get any better. 

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