Travel Tips: Working on the Road

Sometimes travelling is a vacation: you can sit back, relax, and never take your phone off airplane mode. But for a lot of us, the reality is that sometimes you need to work on the road. To save you from having an anxiety attack next time the airport wifi isn't working, we're sharing some of the ways we turned working on the road into working from our happy place. 

Plus, we visit the super high, super crazy, super beautiful Sea-to-Sky Gondola in Squamish, BC!

We spend a lot of our time on the road. I mean, this is a travel blog mainly about road trips, right? Our favourite road is the Sea-to-Sky highway that runs from Vancouver to Whistler, and it's truly our happy place. We blast Taylor Swift, roll down the sunroof, and just coast through mountains, ocean, and trees all the way to Squamish, BC (about an hour from Whistler). 

Squamish is home to a ton of good hiking, rock climbing, and bouldering, including the famous views on top of the Stawamus ChiefBut it also takes a lot of sweat to get up there! Enter the new Sea-to-Sky Gondola, which takes you to amazing views in just a 10 minute ride. From there, there's tons of hiking trails that will take you even further, and a pretty cool suspension bridge. Scared of heights? If Taylor could make it, so can you! 

Whether you're working remotely to make the most of your vacation days, taking a business trip, or trying to deal with a work emergency, working while travelling doesn't have to be stressful. Just look at this place! Who wouldn't be happy up here? To help you be productive anywhere - yes, even on top of a mountain - here are five tips to keep you working happy: 

#1: Always Be Charging

This is our number one rule, and you will always find us saying "ABC!" If you are sitting down anywhere (Uber ride, airport, restaurant, and yes, even bars) you better be charging! Outlets are your friends, stay close to them. If you're pro-active and charging your phone, tablet, camera before you need to, you'll cut down on those panic-stricken moments when you need an outlet but can't find one anywhere. Extra-long cords are also a huge help! 

#2. Keep it Light

Between cameras, lenses, notebooks, computers, phones, extra batteries, and cords, your bag can quickly become super-heavy. When you're carrying that around for a day, you can get tired, cranky, and sweaty real fast. Since the goal here is to work happy, try to keep your bag as light as possible and consolidate your devices. We use the HP Stream 8 with Intel Inside® because it's super light and still lets us be productive wherever we are. No heavy laptops needed!

3. Don't Rely on WiFi

We've found that the most anxiety-inducing thing about working while travelling is trying to find WiFi when you really, really need it. If you're travelling out of the country, do yourself a favour and buy a local SIM card so you can stay in touch with your friends, use Google Maps, and make an emergency call if you need to. Trust us, saving that $20 is not worth getting lost and trying to find your friend in a flash flood (which happened to us two days ago, oops).  

For uploading photos, we use a camera with built-in WiFi so we can easily transfer to our devices whenever we need to. Posting photos, editing blog posts, or sending time-sensitive contracts to clients is a breeze with our HP Stream 8 with Intel Inside® because there's a free 4G data plan included, right out of the box. Seriously, 200mb is free each month, and it lasts for as long as you have your tablet! No wifi, no problem.

Bonus tip? YOLO. Don't forget to look up and enjoy the scenery and culture around you. Working while you're in a new city is actually the quickest way to living like a local, and you'll be sure to find other locals working alongside you in coffee shops (or on mountains). 

So, how do you #WorkFromHappyPlace? Step away from your desk, think about new places to work that get your creative juices pumping, and share your it with us on Instagram! Just use the #WorkFromHappyPlace hashtag and tag @localwanderer.

Thanks for reading! This post is sponsored by HP & Intel, but the thoughts and words are all ours. As always, you can send us feedback at thelocalwanderer at gmail dot com <3