Texas Hill Country

Surrounding the city of Austin is a region full of rolling green hills, fields of wildflowers, and rows of vineyards. We always love to take day trips from cities, and went out to explore the famous wineries of Texas Hill Country. Yes, Texan wine! We had no idea that there was even a wine region in Texas, let alone a top wine destination in the world, so this was a surprising adventure for us!  We took Fredericksburg Wine Road 290, which has 15 wineries all on wine road. The perfect road trip, right? Then again, maybe it's better to take the shuttle on this one...

Pedernales Cellars is an award-winning and family-run winery in Hill Country that's situated on gorgeous, green grounds. There's a huge, open veranda that's perfect for sipping on a tempranillo (the official red grape of Texas) and listening to some live music with friends. Speaking of friends, joining us on our wonderful, wine-filled day was fellow travelers Kirsten Alana and Christine Amorose from C'est Christine.

Four Point Cellars is a modern take on a tasting room, as it's a collaboration between three wineries. Located away from Wine Road 290, three Texan wineries came together to create a shared space and gain exposure along the route. But it doesn't stop there, because what goes beset with wine? Cheese. All the cheese. 

Veldhuizen Cheese also has a spot at the tasting table, and all their cheeses are local and Texan and oh so good. We love the concept of creating community here between the farmers and vineyards, it doesn't get much more local than that! Brennan Vineyards, Lost Oak Winery, and McPherson Cellars also create a special batch together under the 4.0 Cellars label, which is only available at the tasting room.

Becker Vineyards looks more like traditional winery, with a huge castle-like building and fields full of lavender. We were there during Lavender Festival, which was an added bonus! This is definitely the spot to gather with a group of friends and lay out your packed picnic on the grass. Add a glass or three and you're in for a pretty amazing afternoon. Our favourite part of the tasting was the very end - they paired liquid centre chocolates (remember those?) with a port and it was mind-blowing! The perfect way to end a wonderful day of wine, wine, wine.

This post is a partnership with Texas Tourism, and our Austin City Guide is coming next week! OMG.