Your Guide to LA's Arts District

Nestled inside DTLA (downtown Los Angeles) is the Arts District, which is probably our all-time favourite neighbourhood. To celebrate all things LA and local, we put together a little neighbourhood guide for you guys!  LA is so much more than just beaches and Hollywood, so check out the guide here, or look up! 👆 Below you'll find a sampling of the local gems that we're currently obsessed with.

We want Local Wanderer to become a home for a creative and fun city guides that you'll actually want to use, and this is just the beginning! Keep it real, and always remember: localism, not tourism. 

Before we get to telling you about our favourite places to eat, drink, and shop, it's important to tell you about some rotating loves: food trucks! Guerrilla Tacos is hands down the absolute best taco truck in LA, and their eclectic, rotating menu is based off of local finds at the farmer's market. Seriously, it's amazing. Van Leeuwen Artistan Ice Cream is a modern take on the childhood ice cream truck, and Taylor is obsessed with the chocolate vegan sundae. 

Now, on to the brick-and-mortar gems! You can find everything in our Arts District guide here, but here's a little sampling of all that this creative 'hood has to offer. Like...The Springs! It's a yoga studio, wellness centre, shop, juice bar, and restaurant all wrapped up in one gorgeous and calming space. 

Zinc Cafe and Market is the perfect place to grab some healthy vegetarian food, and they have tons of patio seating. We met up here with our friends Jacqueline and Clayton, and little baby Theo! 

It's hard to find greenery in LA, but Daily Dose Cafe has the perfect patio for brunch under an umbrella (patios are a theme here). The best part? It's locally grown produce and all the animal products are from ethically-sourced farms. 

Besides eating, there's also some great stores for shopping, like Alchemy Works (with a Warby Parker in the back) and the flagship store for Apolis, a sustainable menswear and lifestyle brand. 

When it comes to coffee, Black Top Coffee is the coolest place around and the heart of the Arts District. They brew Sightglass, and also have amazing homemade chai and super friendly baristas. Say hi to our friend Adam for us!

Poketo is an LA staple and lifestyle brand, and there's soooo much more to visit! Check out our neighbourhood guide here, and share it with your friends next time you see someone heading to LA <3