Buju Tattoo, San Diego

We're always on the hunt for unique spaces, and happily we discovered this amazing boutique tattoo studio! When our friend (and San Diego local) Rachel told us about Buju Tattoo, we knew it was the perfect place to get some impromptu ink. YOLO, right?

Buju Tattoo is named after owner Briana Sargent's lovely dog, and you'll see Buju both in the decor and in the studio! The staff is primarily female artists, which we love. Sometimes it can be a bit intimidating to go into a dark, loud tattoo shop full of bros, so Buju was a welcome surprise. It's a super warm and inviting environment that's accepting of everyone. 

Now, about that tattoo...earlier when we said YOLO, we really meant it! Taylor has been wanting a YOLO tattoo for what seems like forever, and this seemed like the perfect time to make it happen. Elaine had the brilliant idea of getting our friend and talented designer Elizabeth Gilmore to draw it, and next thing you knew we're at Buju! 

As lame as it sounds, we really do "YOLO it up" all the time, especially on our travels. Life is too short and precious not to! If you find yourself in San Diego and want a tattoo, we definitely recommend Buju.

Thanks for reading! Want more of San Diego? We're posting our next city guide next week, yay.