Localism, not tourism

Oh hey there! We're Taylor and Elaine, and we're so excited to introduce you to the brand new Local Wanderer. It's full of bright and delightful places handpicked by us, for you. 

We want to make it easier for you to discover beautiful and local places when you're travelling. Our travel blog (what you're reading!) and city guides (click above!) connect you with spots that are part of a community, so you can make new friends and try new things. 

We spent the last year living on-the-road, and quickly realized that we were spending way too much time researching places and making disorganized lists. W
e just wanted a directory of awesome and pretty places to visit, that was curated by someone we trusted (like a human, not a robot). We couldn't find anything that fit, so we decided to make it ourselves!

LW Launch Day

Our first city guide is none other than our hometown Vancouver, and we hope it inspires you to fall in l-o-v-e with some new places (whether you're a local or a visitor). We visit every single place ourselves and we only recommend things we enjoy doing, so we want you to trust us. Localism, not tourism - it's kind of our thing. 

If you're in Vancouver, we want to celebrate with you! Come on out to our launch party this Saturday, March 7th from 1-4pm at Propaganda Coffee. More details here.

How It Works:

Our guide is organized by neighbourhood to make it easy for you to find that much-needed cup of coffee while you're out and about. Just go to localwanderer.com on your phone, choose your 'hood from the menu, and browse until you find something you like. Each page tells you what the place is perfect for, what it's known for, a ton of beautiful photos, and the right Instagram handle. Oh, and there's the basic info like address and website too ;) 

So what are you waiting for? Click the menu and start exploring!