An Escape to Tofino, BC

We're all about the surf of the California coast, but did you know that Canada has it's own surfer's paradise? Tofino, British Columbia is like the shiny jewel of the Pacific Northwest, where you can find everything from forests and sandy beaches to turquoise waters and a local foodie scene. Despite growing up in Vancouver, we (somehow) had never been to Tofino before, despite always hearing about how amazing it is. So, we loaded up "Taco the VW bus" and ventured out with our friends Shayd and Jesse for a weekend of hiking, eating, and...flying?

The first thing we did when we got to Tofino was acquaint ourselves with the gorgeous landscape. The best way to do this? Jumping in a seaplane, eeks! The guys at Atleo Air gave us a quick tour of the never-ending peninsula from above, which was a pretty cool experience (even if we were a little nervous).

For those who aren't familiar with Canadian geography (aka most of you), Tofino is on the far west coast of Vancouver Island, which makes it perfect for that awesome surf. After taking the ferry to Nanaimo, it's a few hours drive along windy roads but oh-so-worth-it. 

We definitely recommend hopping in the seaplane with a few friends (and splitting the cost) for a unique view of the Pacific Northwest. Okay, to be honest, we might have been a littttttle sea sick (air sick?) after the plane, so pro tip: don't fly after driving windy roads! 

Taylor trying not to throw up 

Taylor trying not to throw up 

Tofino is the type of place where all the locals know each other's names, including Clearly, our little "Taco" had to meet Tofino's very own "Chestervan," who's all decked out for the ultimate surfing adventure. 

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

There's a ton of beaches in Tofino, and one of our favourites is Mackenzie Beach because it allows campfires! Ocean Village Resort is located along the beach, and we quickly fell in love with our little wood cabins and cozy ocean views. 

We took some local libations from the good folks at Tofino Brewing and headed to the beach for a relaxing night of learning how to make a fire (thanks boys), singing campfire songs, lighting sparklers, and making s'mores. All the s'mores. 

Turns out that everyone at home was right: Tofino really is a magical place. Stay tuned for more of our Tofino picks in the next post, and shout-out to Shayd & Jesse for sharing their photos with us. You can view Jesse's adventure blog here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Tourism Tofino for sponsoring part of our stay! 

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