Snowshoeing at Joffre Lakes, BC

While up in Whistler, we took a little road trip to get out in nature up at Joffre Lakes! It wasn't very snowy in the village, so it was nice to spend a few hours among the snow-capped trees. First, a little pit stop in Pemberton, BC for some Mount Currie coffee and a photo with this cool bear mural. 

Then it was off to the lakes! We went with our friends Jordan, Ashley, and Joe, and all in all, it was a super gorgeous day! We rented snowshoes in Whistler Village (they're cheaper there), but you can also grab some at Spud Valley Sporting Goods in Pemberton. 

Joffre Lakes

The Joffre Lake trails are actually three separate lakes, and the first one is super easy to get to! No snowshoes required, just some warm and grippy boots like our Sorels. We had planned to hike to the second lake, which is about 2 hours one way, but we got too consumed with the beauty and taking photos that we had to turn around before we made it. Oh well, we'll just have to go back in the summer when the water is bright turquoise!

The entire trail was so gorgeous, and we just couldn't get over the snow capped trees and allllll the snow. So much snow! We jumped on some logs too, and just kind of took our time with the day.

We were all in awe when we reached this amazing clearing, it was just drop dead gorgeous! You could see the entire valley, and it was really peaceful to just see nothing but white snow everywhere.

And then we had to turn around to make sure we got back before dark. The sun sets so early up here, it's before 4pm! We snowshoed our way back to the first lake, and after a quick safety check by Joe, ventured onto some of the frozen lake. We felt very Canadian, all we were missing was some hockey players.

We definitely recommend taking the trip up to Joffre Lakes any time of year, just make sure you give yourself enough time! It's about an hour drive from Whistler (and don't forget your snowboots!).

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On Taylor: jacket from Sorel, toque from Brixton, leggings from Lululemon, sweatshirt from Poler, boots from Sorel
On Elaine: jacket from Sorel, leggings from Lululemon, boots from Sorel, gloves from Upstock
On Jordan: toque from Camp Brand Goods, boots from Sorel