Walking Across the Golden Gate Bridge

When you think "San Francisco," the first thing that comes to mind for most people is the classic Golden Gate Bridge (complete with the Full House theme song, right?). Posing for a photo with the bridge is probably the most touristy thing you can do in the city, so we never thought it fit our vibe of local things to do. Until...now!


Our friend (and SF local Zach Cole) posted about his run across the bridge, and we were so inspired that we had to have him take us along with him! We took a leisurely stroll across the bridge with him and our other friend Mikey, and had so much fun watching the sunrise while getting in our morning exercise!

SF is known for it's fog, and we got to see a bit of a crazy sunrise before the rest of the fog rolled in. Make sure you get to the bridge early if you want to be with the locals, otherwise it gets pretty busy and touristy during the day.

Lately we've been using our Jawbone UP2 bands to track how active we are,  and we've become a bit obsessed. When we started using our bands, we learned that the healthy average amount of steps you should be getting each day is 10,000. Doesn't sound like too much, right? Well, with all the computer work and sitting we do now that it's winter, we realized we weren't always making that!

Using the UP bands are the perfect motivation to make sure we're moving, sweating, and just being healthy!  Plus, they're SO fun when travelling, because you usually walk a TON in new cities, so it leaves you feeling that much more accomplished at the end of the day. 

The Jawbone UP app on your phone shows you a ton of stats, like how many steps you walked, how far you walked/ran, and how many calories you burned. You can also "duel" with friends to see who is the most active during the week. Guess which one of us usually wins? ;)

We used our UP2 bands to track how many steps it took us to cross the Golden Gate Bridge. It's about 6,040 steps across and 1.7 miles, so if you walk there and back, you're already getting in more than all the recommended steps for the day (plus some totally great photos for Instagram too). Hurray for being healthy while travelling! 


Thanks for reading! This post is in partnership with Jawbone, and like always, we only promote products and brands we really do love. Plus, Oprah loves them too because they're one of Oprah's Favorite Things this year!